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Restore Your Car Interior to Original

We pay attention to every detail, because every detail matters

Custom Leather Seats

Hand-crafted with love and precision. Every piece of leather hand selected, every stitch carefully made. Your leather seats will make that beautiful car feel brand new again! The same craftsman attention to detail is applied to vinyl and fabric as well. New seatc give your car a whole new feel.

Complete Interior Restoration

We make yesterday look brand new again. Give your car the new life it deserves, don’t wait for ‘someday’ – start enjoying that beauty today. It’s more that just seats, it’s the panels and door inserts, even that little bag thingy at the bottom of the stick shift. Smack that crack, jack. Put something in that car you can be proud of

Convertible Tops

Don’t let a ragged rag top drag you down; bring it in, let us take a look and we’ll let you know what it’ll take to make you a brand new, fully operational top. We have seen and repaired it all, from million dollar Ferrari’s to my Dad’s old jeep. We specialize is restoring or refreshing the interior of YOUR car. Headliner saggy? Seats getting ratty? Why spend 30k, 40k, 50k on a new car when all you need is need leather on your much driven, much loved vehicle.

Good Work Leads to Happy Customers

I was treated with terrific courtesy, total honesty and offered a much cheaper way to solve my problem. They are terrific and should be at the top of anyone’s list needing upholstery work on their car . -Terry A.
Love their enthusiasm. Friendly, smiling, knowledgeable guys and great service. Timely delivery. Excellent work. -Gary P
The guys at Franzini Brothers put a new top on my 911 that is every bit as perfect as the day it came off the showroom floor! Nice work, nice guys. Next up? I need new seats 🙂 that’s what they are known for, so I’m in. -Mike W.

Automotive Interior Restoration

Make You Old Interior, New Again

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Mike & Don Franzini